Click here to download a designer application.

The deadline for completed applications to be returned for consideration in this year's event is Friday, September 30, 2016.

We are happy to be working with these salons and makeup teams for the 2016 Red Ball.  

  • Darlene C. Ritz
  • James Silvrants
  • Keren Holloway & Sue Oksa
  • Kimono Dragons
  • Juan Carlos Medlendez-Ramos
  • Anna Festa
  • Kotomi Yoshida
  • Eddie Ricke
  • Rachel Hurst
  • Courtney Volkel & Reanne Chase
  • Bradley Allen
  • Helene (Eve) Jenkins
  • Megan Summerville
  • Michael Morton



Design: Regal Rowe, Hair & Makeup: Sparrow Stylin' Salon, Model: Marquicia Danjae, Photography: Jim Bailey Photography